Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Write Like You

As a teen writer, a lot of the time I feel like the works I write are a reflection of the talents of others. After reading The Mortal Instruments, I was determined to figure a way for me to write comfortably. After the Hunger Games and Divergent, I was dead set on writing a thrilling, action packed romance. After Fangirl and The Fault In Our Stars, I was more than ready to write a love story that had the ability to bring you to tears and break your heart. Eventually I had to settle into what I want to write and what I am GOOD at writing. I want to write from my heart, not that of the authors who inspire me and so many others. Don't get me wrong - I would take a bullet for a few mad geniuses who have brought us some of the most amazing literary masterpieces - but I want people to read my things and connect them to me as a person and as an author, not someone else. I want to being people to tears and crack them up by MY WORDS. That's what I have always wanted. If you want to write, let it come from your heart. Show everyone just who you are by the words you share. Let them see who you are, what you represent,

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